Encompass Recovery Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services

Recovery services in Orange County | San Juan Capistrano

Individual Counseling and Recovery Services - Drug and Alcohol Treatment ServicesEncompass Recovery services in San Juan Capistrano can provide a complete, turnkey service from airport pickup to detox to sober living to day treatment to life planning and aftercare. Realizing that people are individuals, all our drug and alcohol treatment services can be hand chosen to provide a completely individualized treatment plan to meet specific needs and budgets.


RecoveryLine is a free recovery assistance helpline that connects people in need with someone who knows the right questions to ask and can begin to assess their situation and create a list of proven and relevant service referrals, including interventions, detox facilities, residential or outpatient treatment, sober living homes, counselors and therapists, 12-step meetings, sponsorships, spiritual mentoring, shelters, and even food banks. In difficult cases, callers can also talk to a licensed clinician who can perform a more detailed evaluation and make further recommendations for drug and alcohol treatment services.

day treatment/intensive outpatient programs

With day treatment and intensive outpatient (IOP) programs covering both traditional and Christian tracks, Encompass Recovery’s programs are highly structured and include dual diagnosis treatment for those who experience depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues in addition to drug and alcohol dependencies. Our team can also provide psychological assessments and psychiatric evaluations. These drug and alcohol treatment services complement core programming of 12 step groups, individual counseling, psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, marriage counseling, family therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention, employment assistance, temporary sponsorships, exercise (gym memberships), and a variety of recreational outings. Clients can choose day treatment programs running 30 hours a week or IOP programs running 15 or 9 hours a week to meet individual needs and budgets.

sober livingSober Living - Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services

For those who need sober living in addition to day treatment, Encompass Recovery can arrange concurrent stays with one of our partnering facilities in the area. A variety of sober living facilities are available so clients can get just the right facility in terms of price, proximity to beaches and other amenities, size, and other considerations. Men, women, co-ed facilities are available, as is transportation from sober living to the Encompass facility on a daily basis.


If detox is needed, Encompass Recovery services in San Juan Capistrano can provide either inpatient or ambulatory detox at very affordable rates. Through one of our partnering facilities in the area, medically supervised detox can be provided for those who require an inpatient, clinically supervised stay for a period dictated by the type and length of addiction and other contributing factors. When appropriate, Encompass can also provide ambulatory detox at a fraction of the cost of inpatient detox that consists of assessment and two followup visits with a licensed psychiatrist and prescription of needed medications. Our detox options are designed to maximize the effectiveness of Encompass’ drug and alcohol treatment services.

one on one therapy and counseling

We believe that one on one counseling in addition to group sessions are an essential part of the recovery process where the specifics of each client’s situation and needs can be deeply addressed. One on one sessions are a part of our regular day treatment programs, but additional one on one sessions can be built into individual programs in the areas of psychotherapy, drug counseling, and pastoral counseling.

life planning and life skills

Encompass Recovery services in San Juan Capistrano can provide full life planning services for those who need to restart their lives as they transition back into mainstream life. These services include helping people identify their personality types and natural strengths and interests in planning new career paths. Life skills services provide needed cultural literacy, fianancial training and planning, resume building, interview skills–everything from how to dress for success to how to balance a checkbook and everything in between. Encompass Recovery services in San Juan Capistrano also provides client computer workstations with full internet access for job searching and other researching needs.