Fee Structure

Encompass Recovery Fee Structure

Individualized and Affordable Treatment for Everyone

Live Our Way Through - Encompass Recovery Fee StructureWe know the barrier finances can often present to entering a treatment program. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure that our recovery fee structure is one than doesn’t prohibit treatment from a financial perspective. Our goal is to provide an affordable and effective alternative to traditional inpatient programs.

With the goal of making a full 90 day program, our recovery fee structure is as affordable as possible. Our day treatment and intensive outpatient programs cost less than a quarter of the average residential program. Even including detox and sober living, if needed, our costs for 90 days are significantly less than the first 28 days of most residential programs. We can also work the recovery fee structure with clients to create modified programs with specific areas of concentration or fewer hours and lower costs that can make treatment even more targeted and affordable. Encompass Recovery can create an individualized and effective treatment program for anyone who wants to attend.

We are here primarily to get people the help and build the relational support system they need to establish a true foundation in sobriety. With that in mind, we work with every client to create an affordable recovery fee structure program. Wherever possible, we attempt to create a combination of sliding scale rates, scholarships, and insurance benefits that can make treatment affordable for just about anyone. We also partner with the most effective programs in Orange County in order to provide treatment options that help each person determine the best program fit for his or her financial situation and other individual needs.

Call us today to get started on your individualized and affordable treatment program. We are happy to answer any questions you have. We don’t believe that paying for treatment should be a barrier to a full and complete life in recovery!