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when do you need Encompass Recovery

When Do You Need Encompass Recovery?

drug and alcohol treatment at Encompass Recovery

If you’re looking for more than a traditional rehab program can offer, Encompass Recovery can help you.

  • If you’ve been through a residential rehab treatment program and still need more help.
  • If you’re not sure you need a full residential rehab treatment program, but know you need something.
  • If you can’t afford a full residential rehab treatment program.
  • If you’re having trouble trying to transition back into mainstream life.
  • If you can’t take time off work or family or your insurance won’t pay for inpatient treatment.
  • If you’re in recovery but know there’s still something missing, something still not right.

We believe that chemical dependency is a physical, mental and spiritual disease, making treatment in each of these areas necessary in order for individuals to transform, thrive, and attain lasting sobriety. With a firm foundation in the 12-step program of AA and a solid clinical base, Encompass works to instill or renew a vibrant spiritual foundation for each client from a non-religious, Christian perspective without proselytizing or coercion. We offer a view of life full of meaning and purpose that we believe only a true spiritual awakening can bring.

How do you measure recovery? We measure recovery by its effect. When lives move beyond mere abstinence to the experience of meaning and purpose,; when relationships are healed, restored, or established for the first time; when destructive patterns are displaced or forgotten in the face of vibrant new lives filled with meaning and purpose, we are seeing the effects of real recovery and transformation.

28 days is not enough. Real community is.

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