Moving pictures of Encompass and theeffect… overcoming addiction video

Watch our overcoming addiction video and see how Encompass Recovery works within the larger recovery community and ministry of theeffect.

Learn how we can connect people… know how can this happen.  You can also learn from the overcoming addiction video the benefits of our Recovery Line.  It is a free addiction services help line providing the caller with access and referrals to proven and effective recovery facilities and to professionals who can begin to assess their situations.  In difficult cases, callers can also talk to a license clinician who can do a detailed evaluation and make further recommendation if residential treatment is not indicated or is not affordable.

From the recovery video you can also learn about the Core Programming of the 12-step groups.  Clients can choose day treatment program running 25 hours a week or out-patient program running 15 hours a week or 9 hours a week to meet our client’s budget.

Through the mission and experience of working with thousands of addicts and alcholics to the words of some of our clients themselves, feel the difference true community can make.