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Each life is precious.spiritual recovery - about encompass recovery

And like a drop in the pond, each life has an immense, rippling effect on all the lives close by–for better or worse. As our name implies, Encompass Recovery is focused on realizing the transforming effect of God’s love and relationship in people’s everyday lives. Without true transformation–including recovery from addictions, compulsions, and other destructive patterns–there is no basis for the healthy relationships that create a full life. Because most people never experience such transformation we acutely feel the need for a renewed approach to life and spirituality.

About Encompass Recovery spiritual recovery

Our approach to spiritual recovery is completely nonreligious, nonsectarian, and nondenominational. Never coercive, always inclusive, we are not looking to convert anyone to a specific belief system, but to infuse everyone with the practical and transforming way of life implicit in the teaching of Jesus in the New Testament dovetailing with a strong 12-Step approach and clinical foundation. Each of our clinicians is committed to their spiritual lives and infuse each track with that dedication. Look here for more on our approach to spirituality as it relates to recovery and transformation.

What is it about Encompass Recovery? Encompass Recovery is committed to providing both the direction and physical tools needed for people to break through whatever destructive patterns they have established in their lives. And as a partner with theeffect, a non-profit recovery community and ministry, Encompass has developed a community approach to recovery and transformation.

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We’ve learned that true transformation, recovery, and rehabilitation is not possible without immersion in an authentic community. Encompass Recovery helps create ongoing relationships and focuses on encouraging and helping people to actively engage in their own recovery–that is, taking their recovery programs into every moment and every aspect of their lives.

The community Encompass and theeffect has created offers specific recovery programs, but also creates an ongoing and seamless community presence through daily gatherings and activities such as studies, discussion groups, social and youth-centered events, classes, and workshops. Counseling and mentoring services are available, and we also hosts AA, NA, OA and Al-Anon meetings on site–everything people need to repair their relationships, families, jobs, and baseline ability to live in community. Please see theeffect website for a complete calendar of activities and events.