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When you’re serious about real recovery, treatment is just the beginning…

What is enough…two months? Three months? Six months? Questions phrased like this, while well intended, miss the point of addressing the addiction question. Sometimes it’s not obvious that our deepest problems won’t be solved out of a book or a single clinical program. We can’t just think our way though, or even have someone pull us through the gripping disease of alcohol and drug dependency. We need to LIVE our way though, and 28 days is just a beginning to unravel the destructive patterns, habits, and cycles of dependency. Our extensive experience in working with addicts and alcoholics have shown that real, sustainable recovery is not possible without full immersion in a recovery community and a new way of life built on an authentic spiritual awakening. You will find this environment at San Juan Capistrano alcohol and drug treatment. Learn more: When do you need us–rehab treatment programs.

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Encompass Recovery in California, San Juan Capistrano alcohol and drug treatment, is a Christian-based alcohol and drug treatment center that can provide a full 90-day day treatment program including detox, sober living, transportation, gym pass, and all needed materials at a fraction of the cost of most 28 day residential programs. But just as importantly, Encompass is a part of the larger recovery community of theeffect, a ministry providing ongoing access to AA, NA, and Al-Anon meetings along with daily gathering, studies, workshops and immersion in ongoing recovery networking and community. Encompass provides the direction and clinical tools needed for people to break through destructive patterns while embracing the spiritual and human relationships that make recovery real.

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san juan capistrano alcohol and drug treatment “I’ve gained a lot of love here…hope, courage, support, perseverance…through seeing everybody, all my friends…there are just so many people here that mean the world to me. I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. I’m really, really grateful that I found theeffect, and that theeffect is part of the path God has chosen for me.”

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